To Help you help your students

Transforming an education for all into an education for everyone

To accompany the digital transformation of pedagogical uses, by putting EvidenceB's technology at the service of differenciated teaching and the personalised learning of each student

EvidenceB modules support and facilitate the implementation of a differentiation strategy and your pedagogical choices. EvidenceB provides you with a new approach based on cognitive science research to stimulate the teaching of fundamental concepts, artificial intelligence to personalise the learning of your students and digital interfaces that encourage their inherent motivation.

EvidenceB offers you new tools to support your students and stimulate their desire to learn. The initial test and artificial intelligence algorithms allow you to personalise each student's learning path. Self-correcting exercises and feedback to students are time saving. The dashboards, used for differentiation, summarise information and provide immediately usable data on the work of individual students, in groups and for the class.

Teacher Forme Ellipse

« Some students show their true colors thanks to Adaptiv'Math, while they were in difficulty confronted with classic resources, we realised that they know more than we thought. »

« For any representation, such as a graduated line or a line diagram, the platform is very educational because it models the action. Some students have learned concepts and understood exercises when they did not understand my explanations on the board.»

« They ask to work with Adaptiv'Math, it is a pleasant moment. They help each other and sort things out among themselves.»

« The teacher cannot be replaced and Adaptiv'Math is complementary to the teacher's work, not here to replace it. It is an additional tool that allows him/her to differentiate his/her work.»

Ronds oranges

Our innovation is based
on a unique combination of :

Sciences cognitives


Our modules offer a new pedagogical approach, designed by cognitive scientists and written by teachers.

Intelligence artificielle


Artificial intelligence makes it possible to personalise each pupil's pathway and facilitate pedagogical decision-making by the teacher, thanks to the dashboards’ data.

Interface UX


Attractive digital learning interfaces that are designed to stimulate students' curiosity and inherent motivation.

In the classroom...


  • Supervises the work of their students
  • Can check the progress of their students
  • Organises work sessions in class or in small groups


  • Works independently, on their own computer
  • Progresses at their own pace, thanks to a personalised pathway
  • Take a look at their dashboard and feedbacks to monitor their progress

Join us

  • Take part in innovation in the education sector
  • Try out new tools
  • Exchange among peers on pedagogical use

Technical aspect


Offline work possible.

Wi-Fi is necessary:

  • To synchronize the students' results inthe teacher's dashboard
  • During the first time using the application


The applications are optimized for desktop (PC and Mac) and tablette

It is available on:

  • Chrome (64 and updated versions)
  • Edge (15 and updated versions)
  • Firefox (52 and updated versions)
  • Safari (10 and updated versions)


A resource that can be used to work independently, at school or at home.

If the student works on a different device, he can go back to where he stopped